about us

Welcome to my little online store and happy place!

The Pink Bass (a play on words using my married and maiden names), was created to cater to all women and make them feel good about themselves.

Since becoming a slave to a small human (aka a Mum), I found that high heels were traded for ugg boots, jeans for leggings and nice tops for over sized jumpers. I felt like I had lost the 'old me' in a way and know that I'm not alone! Finding an outfit that is comfortable, practical AND makes me feel good can do wonders for my confidence and mood and I want my customers to get that same feeling when they shop at The Pink Bass.

Our bodies are ever evolving and it can be daunting and overwhelming adjusting to a new 'normal'. Each item is specifically hand picked keeping this in mind. We provide versatile products that are comfortable and still look great. I especially love an option that can also cross over into maternity and feeding friendly as I struggled to find adaptable options when I was pregnant and feeding. 

I hope you enjoy shopping at The Pink Bass as much as I have enjoyed creating it.